Aspiring Photographers

This blog post is intended for anyone looking into starting their own photography business!

There were several times I wanted to give up on it. I watched a few YouTube videos and thought I knew everything I needed to know. I definitely didn’t, and when I tried starting my own business, I kept failing. It’s a profession you have to do a lot of study on. (for lighting, gear, Photoshop/Lightroom, and your camera settings.)

It can be challenging sometimes, but the second I started actually putting time into my portfolio, my website, and promotion, my business kicked off. I did a lot of test shoots on friends trying different tips and tricks I learned from the internet and just good old trial and error. It has truly changed my photography and my skill set.

“If you want to begin a career in photography, do it whole-heartedly! If you don’t put your heart into it, you won’t get the results you want.”

I’ll be posting more behind the scenes videos on my YouTube channel soon due to popular demand!


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