How to use Instagram as your online Portfolio

Instagram is my favorite way to display my portfolio online to a broad audience. With the simple click of a hashtag, your profile can be displayed to millions!

Some Tips and Tricks:

  • Keep up to date on your Instagram. Post pictures from all your shoots or just pictures you took for fun.
  • Use engaging hashtags that have to do with your pictures. For instance, if I post a picture of my dog Storm, I will hashtag the words dog and photography. With hashtags, someone can search for dog pictures and be shown yours!
  • Look at different hashtags. Go through and like pictures you enjoy through the hashtag you chose. Comment and let someone know you liked their picture. This helps build into the last point.
  • Build an audience. Make relationships online. Get into a photography group and share each others pictures. Be a presence online and people will notice.

If you follow these 4 tips, you will see your follower count grow. Over the past 3 years, I went from 300 followers, all the way up to 24k. You’ve got this!




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