Color Grading Before and After

The Before Photo

Photo Apr 25, 4 43 13 PM

If you like the look of this picture, you could stop right at this picture, fresh out of the camera. I wouldn’t leave the picture like this, and here’s why-

With pictures like these, you want all the attention to be on your subjects. The green from the trees is absolutely beautiful, but it over powers your subjects. When you look at a photo, you want your attention to go immediately to the subject,  not the background.  I shoot in RAW, whereas this was shot as a JPEG file. RAW files are easier to edit and are better quality.


The After Photo


I prefer the after photo because the greens have been toned down, and the attention has been brought to the subjects. Skin tones have been fixed to remove red skintones. I edited the photo in Lightroom, and moved the photo to Photoshop afterwards to use my ‘Highlight Action’ on all the skin in the photo. Jessica (bottom right) had a nice arm tan and I didn’t like how unnatural the action looked on her arm, so I left it mainly as is. The image has been sharpened just a little so we can make those details POP. The highlights and lights have also been brought down to help bring attention to the details.

This photo was not taken by me. I specifically chose to edit this picture because of the green and the different skin tones in it. This is one of my favorite things to do in Lightroom and I love to use presets I’ve made, but that is a subject I will blog about soon! 🙂


(In the picture from Left to Right top row: Kevin Hauger, Kyle Cordova, Chris Nickerson, Brady Copeland, Tyler Bergstrom.)
(In the picture from Left to Right bottom row: Jessica Nabers, Katie Myron, Katie Scott, Sam Pentico, Kayla Sohns, Kaitlyn Pierson)

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