“How do I book my first clients?”

 This is one of the most commonly asked questions I receive. I’m speaking in terms of photography, but this also applies to any other service, such as: cosmetology, musicians, etc.

 The first step is to set up your business. Make business cards, make logos, anything that will make your brand stand out. Have a reliable email or phone number. No one will take a chance on a new business if it looks untrustworthy/sloppy, or they can’t get in contact with you.

Family and friends are always the best people to go to as first clients. They will help get your name out and help you get some experience in the customer service side of your business. Your family and friends know you the best. They’ll know for sure whether to take a chance on you or not, whereas a client who doesn’t know you won’t. For instance, my sister was my first client, and I took her maternity photos for her. I had showed her pictures I had taken of my husky, but I didn’t have many portrait photos.

PhotoNov08,63640PM_preview.jpeg  Your friends and family are basically free, walking advertisement and experience. Give them a discounted service price in return for their social media posts! This is the easiest way to get your business going.

Another awesome way is hashtags. I’ve said this before in a previous blog post, but hashtags are your friend! Always hashtag a photo with anything relevant to it. For this maternity shot above, I would hashtag the following: #photography #Nikon #maternityshoot #texasphotographer . You can put as many, or as little as you want. The more hashtags, the farther your reach on social media.

 Stay active on social media, engage your audience, do giveaways!

 If you follow all these steps, you will see your follower count start to rise. I’ve followed these steps for a few years now and have recently hit 25k+ on my Instagram page. You can do it too!


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