3 Mistakes I made as a Beginning Photographer

Entering the world of photography can be very intimidating. I felt like I was entering a cutthroat competition for the best pictures constantly. But I’ve learned it only feels that way if you make it that way. I’ve got a list of some mistakes I made early on that I have fixed, and have improved my photography tremendously.


1. Not raising my exposure

This might seem common sense to most, but to me, raising your exposure in post-editing was BAD. I would throw out an entire set of pictures because I thought they were “too dark and unsalvageable.” Raise your exposure and adjust your settings accordingly. I’ve learned now to raise the ISO one level because it is easier to lower exposure than it is to raise exposure without ruining a photo.


2. Over-saturating colors (particularly greens)

  This is one of my biggest mistakes. I thought I would stand out if I over-saturated the crap out of the colors in all my photos. Having bright colors distracts from your subject and makes your photograph appear too busy. Subtle colors bring more attention to the details of the photo and are more appealing to the eye. I’ve learned that toned down colors looks much better, and de-saturated skin tones look so much better as well. This is just my personal preference though.


3. Trying to be Like Other Photographers

  The last big mistake I made was trying to hard to be like other photographers. I looked at my work and felt it was inferior to theirs. I’ve learned that every photographer has a different style and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I tried so hard to replicate other photographers editing styles and poses and it was such a disaster. Always push yourself to be better, but down feel like your photos have to look like someone else’s!


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