Easy Photo Manipulation Sky


Photo manipulation is such a cool effect to add to photos that need a little more push! Much like double exposure, this effect can create stunning photos when used in moderation. I’ve made a blog post about  Double Exposure that explains manipulating photos. Here is a super easy beginner’s tutorial on manipulated skies.


Eric Knighton


First thing you need is an overcast, or blank sky. These photos are perfect for photo manipulation because they can easily have a different image posted over them. This photo is from my Eric Knighton Photoshoot blog. 


Second step is to find a sky you like for your image. I chose a photo with a straight horizon so I could easily add it up with the horizon in my photo. This is the photo I picked via Google. I was really into the purple and pink hues this photo gives off.




Next, you need to crop the photo at the horizon. Drag the sky over your image and line it up with your photo. Switch the blend to your liking – I picked “Darken” and lowered my opacity to about 75%. I added a Gaussian Blur to the photo from the filter menu in Photoshop to blur the sky.


Now you have to erase. This is the hardest and most tedious part of the whole process. You will most likely have a harsh line from where you pasted the sky on. All you have to do to remove it is erase it. Lower your opacity on the edges and corners to make erasing easier (without erasing too much) It is that simple!


Froot Loops


What do you guys think? Do you like photo manipulation? Let me know down below and give this blog a like if it was helpful for you!

Double Exposure Demo

Double Exposure is a super easy technique to master. I tend to not edit my photos this way because it can get to the point where it is too cheesy and redundant, and it can look incredibly lazy- just like black and white photos. These photos can be absolutely stunning when edited/taken correctly. This has been requested for some time, and to celebrate 4K+ followers on my Instagram, here it is! 

There are two ways you can create double exposure. You can either create these photos with the double exposure camera mode (If you’re camera has this mode), or you can use Photoshop to merge two photos together – this is what I have to do because my Nikon does not have the double exposure mode. 


Killer's Live


For this photo, I took two different pictures (using the same camera settings on both photos) and edited them the same as well in Lightroom. In Photoshop, I layered the photos on top of each other by dragging the photo I wanted on top to the other photo, lowered the opacity of the photo I dragged, and adjusted the photo to exactly where I wanted it. For this photo, I pressed Ctrl-T to resize the image, put it where I wanted it and BAM! You can layer more photos if you want a bigger affect, or you can add bokeh (which I will explain in another post)




I just showed you how I edit my double exposure with two different pictures. This photo is the same concept, but instead of using two different photos, it is the same photo. I love to use double exposure on boring photos to give them some movement and life.


I recommend only using double exposure on your photos that need an extra push. It is very easy to get carried away with double exposure – when used at the right time, it can make for some great pictures.

Storm | A Dog Blog ♥



This is Storm. Isn’t he handsome? I got Storm on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. I was 16, I had just lost my boyfriend of a year in a car accident that summer, and I was deeply depressed. A husky was something I had always wanted, and on Thanksgiving my mom came across a post in our neighborhood’s Facebook giving one away for free. She told me I couldn’t have him. Oops.. 


I took him home, fed him Thanksgiving dinner, and welcomed him to my home. We clicked immediately. I was going through one of the hardest things a person can go through. Despite everything, he had so much love for me – a random stranger who brought him home. He was the one friend I had until I graduated that June, and he was all I needed.

Fast forward to now, and he’s laying on my bed and we’re sharing a bag of popcorn. I never thought that I would meet the one person who would save my life that night. 



Okay, sad story over. Here’s a little bit about Storm:

He hates baths. He hates water. If he’s doing something bad, telling him “bath” and he will sit and hide his face from you.

He sheds hair like crazy. You’ll never understand until you get a husky.

He loves laser pointers. Storm came home to meet a blind wiener dog, and I rescued some kittens shortly after adopting him. He spent most of his time with the cats, and learned to enjoy several cat activities. 

He doesn’t like to be held when cuddling.

Chicken nuggets sexually excite him. No, I’m not joking.

Living in Texas wasn’t a problem if walks were short and he wasn’t left outside.

He hogs my bed every night, sleeping on his back with his feet in the air.

He’s my bestfriend and I’d be lost without him.


Let me know about how your dogs have changed your life. I strongly encourage dog photos in the comments. ♥


Anti-Haul | Makeup Products I Won’t Be Buying

If you’re a beauty fanatic like me, you probably already know what an “Anti-haul” is. If you don’t, an “Anti-haul” is the opposite of a haul (clearly) – you talk about the products you won’t be purchasing and why. I’ve got ALOT of products I won’t be buying and reasons why, so let’s get right into it.

Some of the stuff on this list will be items, while others will be an entire brand I won’t purchase from. This is purely my opinion and doesn’t mean you have to agree with me. If you choose to support a brand I don’t or buy an item I don’t is totally okay!

I will never in my life EVER purchase anything by Kuckian Cosmetics. I could write a novel about reasons why I despise the owner of this [fake] cosmetic company, but in short – I will summarize it for you:

  • Is a drama channel that does nothing but pick on others
  • Lies about where his makeup is coming from, even though their is proof he is repackaging makeup from Aliexpress
  • Called Peter Monn a c**t, along with bullying other people and threatening lawsuits
  • Complains about Morphe brushes, but tried to sell his followers brushes from cheap brushes from China
  • Lies about being featured in art museums, and so much more!

I will not be putting any fake, repackaged makeup onto my face, or giving my hard-earned cash to someone as foul as John Kuckian. You shouldn’t either.


I will not be purchasing anything from Huda Beauty. I have never tried anything Huda Beauty, but I have seen that it has awesome reviews. I choose not to support this brand because they are not inclusive. They only ever repost white women on their Instagram (a way that many people use to grow their channels). I know white women aren’t the only ones who use your products, Huda. I won’t put my money into a company that doesn’t have inclusivity.



I have/will not purchase anything from Lime Crime. If you don’t remember the big Lime Crime scandal a few years ago, allow me to refresh your memory. Lime Crime had a lot of customers get fraudulent charges on their cards, hacker attacks, FDA warnings, bad reactions to the makeup, and lots of racism. Nothing from Lime Crime has honestly ever interested me to begin with.


I have/will not purchase anything from Gerard Cosmetics. In 2015, Gerard Cosmetics founder Jen Gerard called a vlogger who gave her brand a negative review “the ugliest person ever” in a video on Manny MUA’s snapchat. When Karina Kaboom (the vlogger) made a video speaking out about Jen’s comments, the company blocked her and allegedly barred other brands from working with her. This resulted in Jaclyn Hill cutting all ties with the brand. The way a company reacts to negative comments tells you a lot about the people who run it, and Gerard Cosmetics showed me everything I needed to know.


I won’t be purchasing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette because of how TERRIBLE the Subculture Palette was. I’ve watched reviews about it, and it has been compared to the poor quality of the Subculture Palette. It’s a definite pass for me.


I won’t be purchasing the Kylie Cosmetics $360.00 brush set because they use actual animal hairs – no thanks.




What products/brands will you not be purchasing? Let me know in the comments!



More Eyeshadow Palettes I’m Loving

About three months ago, I made a blog post about “My 5 Must-Have Eyeshadow Palettes (Cruelty Free)” and I’ve received a lot of requests to do a follow up about more eyeshadow palettes I recommend. I’ve waited to post this blog because Christmas time is when the limited edition ones come out! Here are a few more palettes I would highly recommend you add to your collection.


Tarte Treasure Box, $59.00 ($433.00 Value) (Limited Edition)

Tarte is always my go-to place for Holiday sets (mainly for the blushes), and this one is no different. This set has everything you need in one place—a 24-piece eyeshadow palette, warm and cool-toned blushes, two universal bronzers, and a pearlescent highlighter. In the storage compartment, you’ll find a full-size Sex Kitten Eyeliner, and travel-sizes of the Light, Camera, Lashes mascara and Tarteist Lip Paint. Available at Sephora.



Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette, $38.00

I know that there are controversies surrounding Morphe (possible private labeling, shedding brushes, Morphe codes, etc) but I had never tried anything Morphe until this palette. I held off getting this palette for about 6 months because I am not a huge fan of Jaclyn Hill. This is the only Morphe product I own, so I am solely judging the palette – and I think it is great! I love warm-toned shadows and this palette is full of them, along with pops of color and nice shimmers. The shadows are buttery, pigmented, and blend out very well. This is a great one to travel with as well! Available at Ulta.




Tarteist™ Pro Amazonian Clay Palette, $53.00

This palette has been a favorite of mine lately. It’s loaded with 16 long-wearing matte eyes shades that are infused with Amazonian clay (hence the name) for smooth blending—plus, four brand-new duo chrome shades that are to die for. The matte shadows are so buttery, pigmented, and universal. This one is for sure a must-have for me! Available at Sephora and Ulta.




Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette, $48.00

The Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette is specially designed for eye contouring- a technique once used only by beauty experts to define and enhance eyes. This palette features contouring shades, arranged into three color quads- neutral, cool, and warm- to flatter every skin tone. If you have other Kat Von D products, you know she always hits it on the nail with the pigment – this palette is no different. This is the perfect palette for “no makeup- makeup” days, and also for traveling!

kat von d shade and light eye palette


This post was an update to my “My 5 Must-Have Eyeshadow Palettes (Cruelty Free)” blog post, and I’ll continue to update as I discover more awesome palettes. What are your must-have palettes?