Preparing for a Photoshoot + My Essential Gear

Preparing for my first photoshoot was a very intimidating process for me. I was scared I wouldn’t look as professional as other photographers, or that I would forget something super important (like my DSLR battery). After doing a TON of research, and experiencing lots of photoshoots, I’ve got some tips on how to prepare and make the situation less stressful for any beginner photographers/photographers still learning. 


  • The very first thing you need, and one of the most important, is a contract. For reference, a link to my photoshoot contract can be found here. This is very important because it shows all your guidelines, as well as holding the client liable for any money they signed to pay after the shoot. I include a questionnaire to get to know what style the client is looking for. This is completely optional.


  • When trying to get ideas for a shoot I’m doing (shoots that are collaborations and not client-based) I usually base a shoot behind particular outfits or song lyrics. Take inspiration from things you are passionate about. I get most of my shoot inspiration from lyrics.


  • Have your gear packed and ready to go at all times. I keep my Nikon D5500, my Nikon AF-S DX VR ZOOM-NIKKOR ED 55-200mm F4-5.6G, and my Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8g in my bag at ALL times. Along with that gear, I keep 3 sd cards, an extra DSLR battery, a slave flash, and my portable ring light. Having spare batteries and sd cards is essential in case of disaster.


  • And lastly, I keep a check off list before I leave for each shoot. On the list, I have to check off that I have gathered all my gear, brought any of the props assigned for the shoot, and I am dressed for the weather conditions of the shoot.


(This list will be updated as I progress into more shoots and adjust my preparations.)





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