What to Include in Your Photography Contract

Having a photography contract is VERY important. I’ve talked about photography contracts before in previous blogs, but on this blog, I’m going to go in depth and use my photoshoot contract as an example. 

A link to my personal photoshoot contract can be found here. You obviously don’t have to copy this word for word or in this particular order. This is simply a guide to help you have all the rules of your service laid out for your clients.


  • A contact section is essential. This is the very first thing I include on both my photoshoot contract, as well as my wedding contract (I have separate contracts for both). I ask for the client’s name, address, cell phone number, and email.


  • Underneath the contact section, I leave all the details of the shoot. Specify where the shoot is located, when, and if you choose to offer different packages, which package they have chosen. This is important to specify for liability issues.


  • As the last section on the front page, I have a section where the cost of the shoot is labeled in bold, and requires a signature underneath. This insures that the client is aware of the price of the shoot + any add-ons, and will pay upon completion. This also includes a section for a parent to sign if the client is under the age of 18.


  • The next section is completely optional. I include a questionnaire so I can get an understanding of the client’s expectations of the shoot, and what they want the photos to look like. If any props are wanted by a client, (such as chalkboards, balloons, smoke bombs, etc) they can request them in the questionnaire.


  • The next page is another very important one. This page is where I keep all my rules and guidelines. This is where I put my copyright laws, model release, limit of liability, and all my safety guidelines. Any expectations you expect for the client NEED to go in here, and as you have more photoshoots under your belt, keep your contract updated with new things you think of. I’ll put another link here so you can see my contract and all the information.


  • After this is the final page, where I basically summarize everything they have just read. This little list changes frequently as well. At the very bottom is another place for them to sign. I have them sign twice so they can acknowledge/sign for the rules after the payment section, as well as the rules and guidelines separately.


  • The first page, questionnaire, and the last page are kept by me (the photographer). Anything with a signature needs to be kept by you. The client keeps the rules/guidelines pages. If the client would like a full copy of the pages I keep, I will of course provide it to them. But make sure you keep a copy of the signatures.


My photoshoot contract and wedding contracts are different. I’ll do a separate blog post about my wedding contract. Let me know your thoughts and if there is anything else you include in your contracts down below!



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