Re-editing My Old Photos

I started my photography journey over a year ago. My first DSLR was the Nikon D3300, a very well known beginner’s Nikon camera, along with the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G lens. I purchased a beginner’s kit from eBay that came with the DSLR camera, kit lens, a battery and charger, an SD card, and a (terrible quality) tripod.

Since then, I’ve upgraded all my gear and have seen my work improve immensely. I decided it would be a cool blog post to go back and re-edit a photo from my first shoot. 


Original Image:PhotoDec02,11327AM_preview.jpegRe-edited Image:PhotoDec02,11306AM_preview.jpeg

When I first started photography, I thought over-saturating the colors was the best look. I thought bright colors were more appealing, but since then, I’ve preferred a more toned down and sharp image. This is my current style of editing, which is always evolving. This was my first photoshoot with my brand new Nikon D3300.

As I’ve learned more about photography and gained more experience, my photography has improved tremendously. Going back to re-edit old photos is a great way to improve your photography! Let me know how your photography has improved down below!


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