Anti-Haul | Makeup Products I Won’t Be Buying

If you’re a beauty fanatic like me, you probably already know what an “Anti-haul” is. If you don’t, an “Anti-haul” is the opposite of a haul (clearly) – you talk about the products you won’t be purchasing and why. I’ve got ALOT of products I won’t be buying and reasons why, so let’s get right into it.

Some of the stuff on this list will be items, while others will be an entire brand I won’t purchase from. This is purely my opinion and doesn’t mean you have to agree with me. If you choose to support a brand I don’t or buy an item I don’t is totally okay!

I will never in my life EVER purchase anything by Kuckian Cosmetics. I could write a novel about reasons why I despise the owner of this [fake] cosmetic company, but in short – I will summarize it for you:

  • Is a drama channel that does nothing but pick on others
  • Lies about where his makeup is coming from, even though their is proof he is repackaging makeup from Aliexpress
  • Called Peter Monn a c**t, along with bullying other people and threatening lawsuits
  • Complains about Morphe brushes, but tried to sell his followers brushes from cheap brushes from China
  • Lies about being featured in art museums, and so much more!

I will not be putting any fake, repackaged makeup onto my face, or giving my hard-earned cash to someone as foul as John Kuckian. You shouldn’t either.


I will not be purchasing anything from Huda Beauty. I have never tried anything Huda Beauty, but I have seen that it has awesome reviews. I choose not to support this brand because they are not inclusive. They only ever repost white women on their Instagram (a way that many people use to grow their channels). I know white women aren’t the only ones who use your products, Huda. I won’t put my money into a company that doesn’t have inclusivity.



I have/will not purchase anything from Lime Crime. If you don’t remember the big Lime Crime scandal a few years ago, allow me to refresh your memory. Lime Crime had a lot of customers get fraudulent charges on their cards, hacker attacks, FDA warnings, bad reactions to the makeup, and lots of racism. Nothing from Lime Crime has honestly ever interested me to begin with.


I have/will not purchase anything from Gerard Cosmetics. In 2015, Gerard Cosmetics founder Jen Gerard called a vlogger who gave her brand a negative review “the ugliest person ever” in a video on Manny MUA’s snapchat. When Karina Kaboom (the vlogger) made a video speaking out about Jen’s comments, the company blocked her and allegedly barred other brands from working with her. This resulted in Jaclyn Hill cutting all ties with the brand. The way a company reacts to negative comments tells you a lot about the people who run it, and Gerard Cosmetics showed me everything I needed to know.


I won’t be purchasing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette because of how TERRIBLE the Subculture Palette was. I’ve watched reviews about it, and it has been compared to the poor quality of the Subculture Palette. It’s a definite pass for me.


I won’t be purchasing the Kylie Cosmetics $360.00 brush set because they use actual animal hairs – no thanks.




What products/brands will you not be purchasing? Let me know in the comments!




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