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This is Storm. Isn’t he handsome? I got Storm on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. I was 16, I had just lost my boyfriend of a year in a car accident that summer, and I was deeply depressed. A husky was something I had always wanted, and on Thanksgiving my mom came across a post in our neighborhood’s Facebook giving one away for free. She told me I couldn’t have him. Oops.. 


I took him home, fed him Thanksgiving dinner, and welcomed him to my home. We clicked immediately. I was going through one of the hardest things a person can go through. Despite everything, he had so much love for me – a random stranger who brought him home. He was the one friend I had until I graduated that June, and he was all I needed.

Fast forward to now, and he’s laying on my bed and we’re sharing a bag of popcorn. I never thought that I would meet the one person who would save my life that night. 



Okay, sad story over. Here’s a little bit about Storm:

He hates baths. He hates water. If he’s doing something bad, telling him “bath” and he will sit and hide his face from you.

He sheds hair like crazy. You’ll never understand until you get a husky.

He loves laser pointers. Storm came home to meet a blind wiener dog, and I rescued some kittens shortly after adopting him. He spent most of his time with the cats, and learned to enjoy several cat activities. 

He doesn’t like to be held when cuddling.

Chicken nuggets sexually excite him. No, I’m not joking.

Living in Texas wasn’t a problem if walks were short and he wasn’t left outside.

He hogs my bed every night, sleeping on his back with his feet in the air.

He’s my bestfriend and I’d be lost without him.


Let me know about how your dogs have changed your life. I strongly encourage dog photos in the comments. ♥



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