Double Exposure Demo

Double Exposure is a super easy technique to master. I tend to not edit my photos this way because it can get to the point where it is too cheesy and redundant, and it can look incredibly lazy- just like black and white photos. These photos can be absolutely stunning when edited/taken correctly. This has been requested for some time, and to celebrate 4K+ followers on my Instagram, here it is! 

There are two ways you can create double exposure. You can either create these photos with the double exposure camera mode (If you’re camera has this mode), or you can use Photoshop to merge two photos together – this is what I have to do because my Nikon does not have the double exposure mode. 


Killer's Live


For this photo, I took two different pictures (using the same camera settings on both photos) and edited them the same as well in Lightroom. In Photoshop, I layered the photos on top of each other by dragging the photo I wanted on top to the other photo, lowered the opacity of the photo I dragged, and adjusted the photo to exactly where I wanted it. For this photo, I pressed Ctrl-T to resize the image, put it where I wanted it and BAM! You can layer more photos if you want a bigger affect, or you can add bokeh (which I will explain in another post)




I just showed you how I edit my double exposure with two different pictures. This photo is the same concept, but instead of using two different photos, it is the same photo. I love to use double exposure on boring photos to give them some movement and life.


I recommend only using double exposure on your photos that need an extra push. It is very easy to get carried away with double exposure – when used at the right time, it can make for some great pictures.


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