Easy Photo Manipulation Sky


Photo manipulation is such a cool effect to add to photos that need a little more push! Much like double exposure, this effect can create stunning photos when used in moderation. I’ve made a blog post about  Double Exposure that explains manipulating photos. Here is a super easy beginner’s tutorial on manipulated skies.


Eric Knighton


First thing you need is an overcast, or blank sky. These photos are perfect for photo manipulation because they can easily have a different image posted over them. This photo is from my Eric Knighton Photoshoot blog. 


Second step is to find a sky you like for your image. I chose a photo with a straight horizon so I could easily add it up with the horizon in my photo. This is the photo I picked via Google. I was really into the purple and pink hues this photo gives off.




Next, you need to crop the photo at the horizon. Drag the sky over your image and line it up with your photo. Switch the blend to your liking – I picked “Darken” and lowered my opacity to about 75%. I added a Gaussian Blur to the photo from the filter menu in Photoshop to blur the sky.


Now you have to erase. This is the hardest and most tedious part of the whole process. You will most likely have a harsh line from where you pasted the sky on. All you have to do to remove it is erase it. Lower your opacity on the edges and corners to make erasing easier (without erasing too much) It is that simple!


Froot Loops


What do you guys think? Do you like photo manipulation? Let me know down below and give this blog a like if it was helpful for you!


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