About Me

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My name is Kaitlyn Marie Pierson.

I was born on August 26th in Pensacola, Florida. Being one of 5 siblings whose names all started with K’s made growing up very interesting. I lived in Pensacola until I was 12 years old, relocating to Temple, Texas in the summer of 2009. I was heavily involved in theatre all 4 years at Belton High School. After graduating in 2015, I made the move to Abilene, Texas.

Photography was always something I wanted to try so I sprung at the opportunity to buy my first camera, a Nikon D3300, (a well known beginner’s camera). From there the love blossomed into where I am today, a photographer with a combined 26k+ followers on my personal and photography Instagram accounts.

❋ S O C I A L  M E D I  A ❋

Instagram – http://instagram.com/kaitlynmariepierson

Snapchat -kaitlynpierson

Twitter- http://twitter.com/kaitlynmpierson