Mount Scott Shoot

I took some photos yesterday in front of Mount Scott with my younger sisters, Kaylee and Kourtney. I told them to pose and these are the dramatic poses they gave me to work with. 


Lessons From 2017 (Photography)

2018 has officially begun! While 2017 was definitely not the greatest year of my life (or for the world),  it was a year of many lessons. I pushed my limits, dove more into Lightroom and Photoshop, took more photos, and learned new techniques that I want to share. Here’s a compiled list of tips and lessons to think of for 2018. 

Photography Tips 

  • It doesn’t matter if someone has a more expensive camera or gear than you. You can create amazing quality photos with cheaper gear.
  • Do your research before buying. Watch videos, tutorials, and go to a DSLR seller (Best Buy) and play with their cameras before picking a new one. 
  • Lenses are more important than camera bodies (In my opinion)
  • Know how to use the Rule of Thirds
  • Move around your subject when you find a pose you like vs moving them. Crop photos below/above joints. It’s more flattering.
  • Always edit your photos to where the subject POPS
  • Presets are awesome, but you do not want to rely on them. A good way to learn about editing is to set a preset on a photo and try to go backwards and make the photo look like it did in the original shot. You will learn ALOT about your editing software.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other photographers. You can be inspired by their work, but it’s not a competition. Compete with yourself to be better than you were yesterday. 
  • Aim to inspire others. Share your work and encourage/support fellow photographers in the field.
  • Be open to new ideas. I started shooting concert photos and evolved into some portrait photography. Be creative with ugly locations.
  • And lastly, don’t give up. It’s not always easy. With some drive and confidence, you can go anywhere.


Here’s to 2018 and all the new lessons I will learn this year.