Little Milestones Minis // Spring 2018

Little Milestone Minis

BEST OF 2017

New Photos


Mount Scott Shoot

I took some photos yesterday in front of Mount Scott with my younger sisters, Kaylee and Kourtney. I told them to pose and these are the dramatic poses they gave me to work with. 


Latest Photos


I’ve been busy this week working on my YT channel, so here are some photos of my latest shoots!


Family Photos ♥


Here are some photos from the family photoshoot I did for my sister this weekend. Keenan is now 7 months old and needed some professional pictures because the maternity ones are now outdated. (lol)


My Favorite Photos I’ve Taken


Here is a mini collection of some of my favorite shots I’ve taken. I use my Instagram (@kmp.photog) as my portfolio so you can find all my shots, along with these, on there. Let me know any other blog posts you’d like to see!