What to Include In Your Wedding Contract ♥

 Having a wedding contract is VERY important. I’ve talked about contracts before in previous blogs, but on this blog, I’m going to go in depth and use my wedding contract as an example.

 A link to my personal wedding contract can be found here.  You obviously don’t have to copy this word for word or in this particular order. This is simply a guide to help you have all the rules of your service laid out for your clients. 

 A contact section is essential. This is the very first thing I include on both my wedding contract, as well as my photoshoot contract (I have separate contracts for both). I ask for the both of the client’s name, their current address and the address they will be at after the wedding, cell phone number, and email. Other things included in this section are all the details of the wedding, where the Ceremony and Reception will be located, along with the phone number/email for the locations (if applicable). I also ask for an additional contact who can be reached on the day of the wedding if the Bride of Groom are unavailable. (Can be a Bridesmaid/Best Man, or the parents of the Bride and Groom.)

At the last section on the front page, I have a section where the cost of the shoot is labeled in bold, and requires an initial at the top of the next page. This section also shows the deposit price to hold the spot for the wedding.

The next section is completely optional. I include a questionnaire so I can get an understanding of the client’s expectations of the shoot, and what they want the photos to look like.I have add-on packages included that they can add which come with props for the photos (a photobooth). Any specific questions can be asked in this section (What would you like me to wear? Would you like to take photos before or after the ceremony? etc). You can view the questions I ask in the contract.

The next three pages are very importan. This is where I keep all my rules and guidelines – my copyright laws, model release, limit of liability, and all my safety guidelines. Any expectations you expect for the client NEED to go in here, and as you have more photoshoots under your belt, keep your contract updated with new things you think of. I’ll post the link again here so you can see my contract and all the information.

The first page, questionnaire, and the last page are kept by me (the photographer). Anything with a signature needs to be kept by you. The client keeps the rules/guidelines pages. If the client would like a full copy of the pages I keep, I will of course provide it to them. But make sure you keep a copy of the signatures.


My photoshoot contract and wedding contracts are different. I posted my photography contract in a separate blog post – you can find it right here. Let me know your thoughts and if there is anything else you include in your contracts down below!